2 cracking live casino experiences await in the form of Live French Roulette and Live Hi-Lo on the 'Live' tab. Here's a quick taster of the two games and some info on how to get started. You'll be placing bets and chatting with our live dealers in no time!

Live Hi-Lo

If you’re itching to try out our live casino suite here at bgo but feel slightly out of your depth playing blackjack or roulette, why not give Live Hi-Lo a try? We put together this handy guide to give you a quick snapshot of what to expect.

An incredibly straightforward game, Live Hi-Lo provides the perfect casino experience for beginners looking to hone their skills and hopefully make a tidy profit to boot. Both explained and dealt by our wonderfully experienced croupiers, players will quickly find themselves being welcomed into this fun and fast-paced live casino title that doesn’t require a degree from MIT to beat the odds.

What are the rules?

Live Hi Lo essentially does what it says on the tin by allowing players to wager on whether the next card in a sequence will be higher or lower than its predecessor. Naturally, the odds on each outcome will fluctuate based on the statistical likelihood of it occurring, with these prices being updated in real time on your screen. Players may also bet on “snap” – i.e. the exact same card being drawn – whether the next card will be an ace or a king, whether it will be red or black and what third of the deck it will feature in to provide a far bigger range of betting options than in other Hi-Lo titles.

How do i play?

As with all table games at bgo, Live Hi-Lo players must start by picking a chip denomination from £0.01-£100.00 and then select the outcome that they wish to bet on. Accepted bets range from £1.00-£1,500 to provide plenty of scope for players on all types of bankroll, while the prices on offer for each result are updated in real time and displayed in the betting area. All bets must be placed within a designated time limit which is clearly displayed using a coloured bar in the middle of the screen, while players can also choose to leave a tip for the dealer by clicking the slot on the right.

In terms of strategy, Live Hi-Lo is a game based purely on numbers but strangely enough if you always bet on the most likely statistical outcome, you’ll have a very hard time making a sustained profit. Instead, you should be looking for spots where you can get a better payout for taking slightly the worst of it, such as betting under on a six or over on an eight. Although you expect to lose in this situation slightly more often than you win, the improved odds mean it is more valuable than always playing the percentages and you’ll have a better chance of landing a decent profit in the long run.

A beautifully simple game that can be learned by anyone in a matter of seconds, Live Hi-Lo is the perfect title for players looking to dip their toe into the world of live casino games without being overawed by the process. Our expert dealers help create a fun and friendly playing atmosphere in which everyone will feel welcome as they try and predict their way to profitable winning sequences.

Live French Roulette

For all the thrills of a live casino experience from the comfort of your living room, look no further than French Roulette in our Live section of games.

Broadcast 24 hours a day in real-time, Live French Roulette offers players a more interactive user experience that allows them to converse with our lovely dealers as they spin their way to big wins. This will be helped in no small part by the French variant of the game offering far and away the best return to players courtesy of a half-stake refund known as La Partage when the ball lands on zero.

What are the rules?

As with all roulette variants, the aim of Live French Roulette is to correctly guess on which section of the wheel a roulette ball will land at the end of each spin. Unlike in virtual versions of the game, however, Live French Roulette allows players to witness an actual dealer spin the ball in real time so they can be assured of the true randomness of each game. Bets can be placed on various different outcomes ranging from the exact number the ball lands on (straight up) to red or black and odd or even – and players should note that in the French version of the game, if they wager on the latter two options and the ball lands on the zero space, they’ll receive half of their stake back.

How do i play?

One of the great things about live casino games is that even if you’re initially unclear on how to play, our dealers will talk you through the process as you watch. In Live French Roulette, players simply need to choose a chip denomination from the options in front of them – with chip sizes ranging from £0.01 to £50.00 – and then click the section of the board that they wish to wager on. A timer will count down before each spin to show players how much time they have left to place their bets and the wagering limits for straight up bets in this version of the game range from £0.10 to £50.00.

As with all roulette games, the key to being successful at Live French Roulette is simply to have a balanced wagering strategy that maximises your chances of profits in the long term. While the big wins for landing a straight up bet can be tempting, these outcomes are 35-to-1 shots for a reason and players are usually better off covering a wider section of the board to maximise their chances of scoring a smaller return. Remember, the table history box at the top right of the screen will record the outcome of recent spins so that players can also keep an eye on the current sequence of results.

If you’re already a roulette fan, you’ll love Live French Roulette. Undoubtedly the most generous variant of the game when it comes to return to player statistics, the presence of a live dealer and genuine, real-time spins makes the game a far more immersive experience for players and one that will offer them greater user interaction than a standard virtual edition.

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