Comparing Life Alert and Senior Safety Medical Alerts

Comparing Life Alert and Senior Safety Medical Alerts - Medical Alerts have a number of unique features which make independent living for seniors possible. It offers a competitive system. You can also buy a classic pendant style alert if that's what you want.

Medical alert systems are far less expensive. A medical alert system is actually the ideal approach to go if you wish to find care quickly and easily in a crisis situation. A simple medical alert system operates by enabling you to press your wearable alarm button to find help, and that's it.

Medical alert systems can acquire expensive. They are designed to help protect you if you fall or need help. A medical alert system provides you with reassurance that when you require help, it is going to be there. Medical alert systems encourage customers to check their systems at minimum once a month to be certain they are working right. They are simple, easily accessible devices that can make a world of difference in a medical emergency. They have gained a lot of popularity recently and there are many reasons why. If you are uncertain about a specific medical alert system, its often an intelligent option to sign up for a month-to-month plan you could cancel more easily than a yearly plan.

Medical alert systems are rather simple to use. Just like all consumer products, they vary in terms of price and features such as range, hours of standby power, repair and replacement options, payment options, and setup time. Many medical alert systems permit you to lease the system and devices with no equipment fees.

Comparing Life Alert and Senior Safety Medical Alerts

It’s important when searching for a system for your senior loved one to research beyond the names you see on the TV or in magazines. While that advertising money might mean that they are one of the largest providers, it does not automatically make them the best fit for your mom’s situation. Nowadays, everyone has heard of Life Alert. They are a household name like Kleenex or Coke, and Life Alert for medical alert systems. Life Alert’s medical alerts are often compared to Senior Safety’s medical alert systems. Life Alert cost varies starting at $29.95 per month for the basic program that requires a 3 year contract; you can also add more features to your order as needed and pay more monthly… Our cost for our advanced system is $28 per month with no long term contracts. Plus, you can cancel at anytime! Most people consider our Senior Safety service to be one of the best alternatives to a Life Alert System.

We take great pride in our caring Customer Service (truly the most important part of any senior monitoring service). Often we spend more than an hour helping our clients out over the phone… we take all the time they need. It’s clear to us that as age creeps up on us, sometimes we need a little more caring help… someone to listen to you. But don’t take it from me, if you are curious about any company’s record (including our own!), we suggest typing their name and “complaints” into Google… like “Senior Safety Complaints,” “Life Alert Complaints,” etc.

While Life Alert provides good equipment and monitoring, their 3 year contract is cumbersome and unnecessary for most seniors’ situations. Considering the number of solid alternatives available, I’d recommend researching a good amount before signing up for ANY medical alert service.

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