Free Spotify Premium Accounts November 2018 (List Updated)

Free Spotify Premium Accounts November 2018 (List Updated)Everyone is familiar with this online music streaming service called Spotify. Officially released in 2008, it gained an international success and has reached total 140 million users around the world (70 million of them being premium users). What makes Spotify become so popular is because users have the liberty to listen to every song they want both when online and offline.

Unlike Apple users who require their users to purchase songs which can be quite irritating for some people. Spotify is available in devices like iOS, Windows Phone as well as Android and is also available in Europe, America, Australia, and several Asian countries. However, Spotify is a freemium app which means you can download it for free but some features are only available for its premium users who pay real money to the developers.

How to get spotify premium free
Free Spotify Premium Accounts November 2018

Everyone is tempted to be a premium member because it allows you to download any song and listen to it offline and there are still tons of interesting features that can be enjoyed by premium members. Just like the world of gaming, people are on the hunt for hacks that can be used to get Free Spotify Premium Accounts November 2018 without having to fish through your wallet. That’s why, we are here to give you the ultimate spotify premium free 2018 hack and thus letting you to have the most experience of this number one music streaming service.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts November 2018

Android users can heave a sigh of relief because your suffering is over! You have, at last, come to the right place that can get you spotify premium that will work on your Android d evice for free. Follow these simple steps how to get Free Spotify Premium Accounts November 2018. Just a heads-up, this Free Spotify Premium Accounts you are going to download here will allow you to enjoy all the features that you find in the original version of Spotify. You can use the paid features for days on end.

27 Ways to Get Spotify Premium Free
27 Ways to Get Spotify Premium Free

Easy Ways to Get Free Spotify Premium Account Username and Password 2018

  • Step 1:

If you happen to have Spotify app already installed on your phone, then you have to uninstall it. That means, you have to completely delete any previous spotify version on your Android phone or tablet.

  • Step 2:

Download the modified spotify premium application. You must already know that you cannot download the hacked version on Google Play but you can get the spotify premium apk here.
FYI, Spotify premium has a really good sound quality so that users can enhance their music listening experience. Moreover, you won’t be disturbed by ads and your music listening session won’t ever be interrupted.

You have the liberty to play any song you want and you can also skip songs many times without limit. However, since you will be downloading the modified version of spotify premium application there is a chance one or two features won’t be available on this hacked version and won’t work on your Android phone or tablet.

  • Step 3:

Firstly, turn on the option that allows your device to install applications from unknown sources. It is important because there is a feature on Android that prevents you to install any third-party apps to ensure safety. Go to setting on your Android phone or tablet and go to personal section and tap on security.

Then you will see a device administration section and then you will also see unknown source label with a toggle switch. Turn on the toggle switch. Now you are ready to download the modified spotify premium. Note that, once you have successfully installed this app, you have to turn off the unknown source option so that your device will remain safe.

  • Step 4:

After you have successfully download the app, there will be a little spotify account launched on your home screen. Tap on it and choose how you want to sign in to your account. At this point, you will be able to enjoy spotify just like the original version of free spotify premium account username and password 2018 with most of the features available for use. Note that, high quality sound is still not available. But you don’t need to worry about this because you still get to enjoy other interesting features such as unlimited shuffles, skip any song many times, listen to any song on repeat and also all form of audio ads are blocked!

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Spotify Premium Mod Apk Offline

Free Spotify Premium Mod Apk 2018
Free Spotify Premium Mod Apk 2018

Now that you have stumbled upon this spotify premium mod apk offline 2018 for your Android device. You can start to install it any time you want.
Maybe you happen to own a device that is not an Android device. Well, no worries! We also provide you some info about how to get spotify premium free account that will work on other devices. This method works on Android as well in case you didn’t know!
So the gist is this: Spotify offers you a free trial for 30 days (for desktop) and 7 day trial (for mobile users).

Here is how you can activate spotify premium trial without credit card:

  1. Go to on your browser (you have to use a PC)
  2. Click on Start Free Trial
  3. Log in with your account that HAS YET to try the free trial option
  4. Enter your detail payment information. Don’t worry Spotify won’t charge you a single penny at this stage. They will only start charging you after your trial is up. All you have to do is enter your credit card information. If you don’t own a credit card then you can use the PayPal option.
  5. Then tap on Start 3-day free Trial Now. Then your free trial will start immediately.
  6. That’s all that you have to do. Remember that you have to cancel your membership on the 30th day or any day before your one month trial is up otherwise Spotify will bill you.

Here’s how you can activate your 30 day free trial on your mobile phone:

Spotify Premium Free Trial 30 days
Spotify Premium Free Trial 30 days

  1. Open your Spotify App
  2. Click on your library tab which is located on the right corner on the bottom of the screen
  3. Open setting that is located in the right corner on the top
  4. Tap on Account (you can skip this step for Android users)
  5. You will see the Get Premium option. Click on it. If you don’t see this option that means you have already used this feature before. The only way you can use it again is to have a new account and repeat the same steps.
  6. Click on start my 7 day trial on iPhone and on Android it says get premium.

You might be wondering if there is still any way for you to extend your free spotify trial without having to be a real premium member for Spotify. Well you can! Simply change the date on your phone calendar to the date previous to the end of your free trial. For instance, you will get additional in total of 30 days free trial if you change your calendar to a month before. So that’s how you can enjoy a premium account on spotify without having to pay any money. You can use any of this spotify premium hack any time you want!

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Spotify Premium Account Hack 2018

Spotify Premium Account Hack 2018
Spotify Premium Account Hack 2018

Now that you have learned the ultimate 27 Ways to Get Spotify Premium Free for Android Without Root 2018. You might want to check out these astounding facts about Spotify that not many people know.

  • Did you know Spotify now has 30 million songs ready to be accessed anytime anywhere? By June 2016 Spotify has gained a total of 100 million monthly users and by November 2018 it has 40 million premium users.
  • While Spotify may benefit customers with unlimited access of music streaming without having to buy for every song, producers and musicians alike have come together to throw critics because they feel like they are being robbed and treated unfairly. They said Spotify has caused decline in album sales.
  • However, Spotify pays royalties to the artists nonetheless. While physical CDs and iTunes download have a fixed price, Spotify pays musicians based off the total of “market shares” which means how many times their songs have been streamed.
  • Spotify then distribute about 70% of the entire revenue to right-holders. The right-holders then have the responsibility to pay royalties to the original artists on their own agreements.
  • The fact that Spotify is a freemium app is widely known by society, what you might not know is that Spotify depends on their premium members to get their revenues as well as ads from third parties.
  • There is a new Spotify websites called “Spotify for Artists” in December 2013 which gives detail about its revenue data as well as business model
  • Spotify for Artists states that “a Spotify Premium customer spends 1.6x a year compared to those who buys music the regular way.” With the yearly income of the average US premium listened recorded to be $120
  • Here are the countries that have Spotify access: Andorra, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Denmark, El Savador, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungaray, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Mexico, Malta, Monaco, New Zeleand, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, panama, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, the Philippines, Singapore, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Taiwan, Switzerland, Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay. So is your country on that list?
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Spotify Premium Account Hack 2018

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Free Spotify Premium Accounts November 2018

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You have come to the end of this article. That’s all about it! Start listening to all your favorite songs for free with this Free Spotify Premium Accounts November 2018 hacks and generators.
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