List of Free College Application Week 2018

List of Free College Application Week 2018 - In this technological year, what are the best apps for college students 2018? As there are a lot of technological development and improvements, most of the college students are able to access everything that they feel interested.

In fact, college students still need to sort out the things and filter which one they should deal with and which one they shouldn’t hold into. They might be provided with a lot of applications which are irrelevant with what they really need. Thus, those college students should know the related applications for them for having brighter future ahead! 

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List of Free College Application Week 2018

the best app for collages
The Best Applications for Collage Students
There are a lot of available applications out there for a college student to choose, install, and enjoy. These days, everything can be done by a touch of your mobile phone. It works the same List of Free College Application Week 2018.

Claimed to be useful, there are loads of best apps for students which aren’t really useful. They work ineffective and they don’t give benefits for the people who have installed them. These applications are divided into social media, entertainments, food, school, virtual money account, and so on. We will explain it one by one. 


venmo App
Venmo App

Venmo It is one of the most useful apps for college students when it is related to money. It is an application of personal transfer of your cash which is owned by both PayPal and also Braintree Payment.

It makes those college students are able to make payment or at least transfer some amount of money by using an application. When you want to do the bank transfer or debit transfer, you won’t need to pay anything as it is a free application. However, the service charge for every transaction is still applied.

For your information, Venmo’s latest update enables the businesses for accepting the payment made by the users of Venmo via mobile application. Its working system is kind of effortless. 

  • First of all, you need to open the application by using a pin.
  • Second, you need to enter your username as well as the email address and your phone number where you are going to link this number with the application.

  • Third, you need to specify every transaction which is available in the button of Pay or Request at the bottom of the screen.

  • Forth, you can just enter the amount of the payment that you want to pay or charge. If you want to add some note or memo, you can write in it too.

  • Fifth, when the transaction has been successful you will get the notification which is sent via email for you and for the one that you are sending the money to.

It is needed by the college students to transfer money and do some payments when they have no time to go and when they have no chance to go out because of the heavy rain. It facilitates them to finish everything just in time without any obstacles. No wonder it belongs to one of the best apps for university students

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 App
Circle of 6 App
One of the best college social apps is Circle of 6. This best app for college students 2018 will bring a lot of benefits effortlessly for its users. When people want to study abroad, they might feel insecure about going out or going home from college in the evening.

If it happens, students don’t have to be afraid since this Circle of 6 will be the place where the students who come from the same place or origin have an application which can be the inner circle for you and those other 5 persons to use together. What is so interesting about this application? 

Circle of 6 will make sure that the users are safe. How can people trust this kind of virtual application without seeing the people by themselves? Here are some ways on using this application. 

  • First, you need to have installed it successfully.

  • Second, you have to add 5 more trusted and close friends or families to be your inner circle.

  • Third, you can use it normally. Yet, when you find yourself in danger, this application can be quite useful to send the pre-programmed short messages to those 5 other people in your circle.

  • Forth, those other 5 people will get the exact location telling them where you are.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study App
Chegg study app

Chegg Study is one of the educational apps for students Android and also the best apps for college students 2018. Most of the applications suggest and force the college students to study harder. Yet, this best app for school enables you to study in a smarter way. When most of the college students find it intriguing and hard to complete all the student assignments, this application will prove you wrong. There would always be a way which is more fun and entertaining in studying.

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  • Chegg Study has an unlimited source of library and also endless textbook with step by step solution to help you. What you will find in this application is that you will get the answer from your problem and curiosity which isn’t provided in your textbook but you can find it in your application. In fact, probably most of the students want the exact and the fastest answer displayed and shown right in front of their eyes.

    It definitely won’t happen unless you are a professor who has brilliant and extraordinary brain. As a matter of fact, the creator of this Chegg Study has promised to provide you with the real and the exact answer at least 2 hours.
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    This application is free for all the college students to download and install. Yet, when you want to dig into its database for more information, you need to subscribe and pay around $15 monthly with the benefits that you will not get when you only study from your textbook. 

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    These are all the best apps for college students 2018 for education, virtual money account, social media, and so on. Indeed, there would be endless talks when it comes to the best applications since every application will claim to be the best application ever. Yet, you will figure by yourself which one belongs to be tagged as the best apps for college students 2018
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