How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 2018

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 2018 - You can just sit and do few works in front of laptop or smartphone for having fresh money. It seems dream jobs for everyone and most of people think it impossible. How to make money online without paying anything? This is important question to answer because you might be afraid for scam.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 2018
How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 2018
In past time, having money from internet was high risk. It would be scam or hacker stole your identity. Security was not as good as today level that made people worry much when starting business via online.

Today, online store and social media become popular things to do. Financial transaction and credit card are more secure because banks also keep their feet on this advancing situation. With vast internet and connectivity, you can access everything by hand via smartphone. Therefore, there are many ways to make free paypal money instantly, even become your primary income at all.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 2018

Make Money From Online advertisement

First and foremost thing on how to make money online without paying anything is online advertisement. This is the oldest way to obtain money. How do you such thing? Keep in mind that not paying does not mean you are without first investment. Simple thing is advertisement on website. In this case, you need to have website that requires money for developing and maintaining. However, you do not need to pay anything, but receiving money from advertiser who uses your website to put ad banner.

Make Money Online Become Reviewer and contributor

The next thing on how to make money online without paying anything is by becoming reviewer for product or service. What kind of product you review? There are tons of opportunity to give comment and opinion related to specific product. You just pick one that suits your personal interest such as book, music, gadget, laptop, etc. The reviewers will receive money based on article or opinion they make.

Meanwhile, contributor is quite similar to reviewer, but more formal and need expertise. If you are expert in law or tax, there is website or forum that needs online contributor to overcome solution. Contributor is available on TV show or program. The television station uses outsider to give professional opinion about specific program. Of course, all jobs are done via online.

Make Money Online Become Content writer

Other alternative on how to make money online without paying anything is content writer. Internet cannot be separated from website or online media. More people access internet via smartphone and they want high quality content. You can become content writer and create article based on specific topic. It is good choice for student to gain experience and sharpen their skill in writing.

Make Money Become Freelance Designer

As similar to content writer, freelance designer has opportunity to enter digital era. Website requires attractive design and easy accessibility. Some web developers rely on freelance designer to handle artistic aspect on their website. It is cheaper, but the result is amazing. Moreover, freelancer will get money and have experience to be better designer. You do not have to be student or a part of formal education. It is about portfolio and skill that can be obtained via self-study. This is one of good options when you ask about how to make money online for free.
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More Ways to Make Extra Money Without Paying Anything 2018

Make Money Online Become E-book Writer and Online Publishing

Content writer does writing for website, but you can become writer on your own. Write book and publish it via online publisher. You do not need to worry about printing cost, distribution, or anything related to printed book. All process and transactions are in online mode. Moreover, writer does not have to pay for publishing, except the copyright.

Make Extra Money Without Paying Anything
Make Extra Money Without Paying Anything

Endorsement and social media influencer

Social media influencer is a person with capability to spread trend and influence more people via social media. This is new thing and has potential to be the bigger change in history of digital era. You have million followers with potential market for specific product. You use this situation to take endorsement for service or goods. You do not need to pay anything, but you can receive money from company or product.

Make Money With Selling secondhand goods on eBay

If you want the fast ways to make money, selling secondhand product is what you need to do. One of top marketplaces is eBay for selling the used products. You can sell anything as long as the category is suitable.

In order to sell product, you need account and excellent profile for store. There are two ways for selling product on this platform. You can choose auction or Buy It Now. Auction gives buyer to propose the price. Well, the highest bidder will get product. If you are in hurry, put fixed price and choose Buy It Now. You do not need to pay anything when posting or selling because all process is free.

Make Money Online Become YouTuber

YouTube is online video sharing where people upload, view, and enjoy video from others. Today, YouTube turns into new era where everyone can have personal channel. You do not have to be popular star or artist to attract more people. With good quality video, you can get more viewers in order to gain money from advertisement. More viewers increase user profits or income. Of course, the content or video has to be high quality.

Make Money Online Fast And Easy
Make Money Online Fast And Easy

Make Money Online With Dropship

You may want to sell something, but do not have money for inventory. Online store is good thing to choose because it does not need the real store. Instead of stocking product, you can do the drop shipping mode. Your store sells product, but not completely from your inventory. When people order, you direct this order to original store with inventory then send the product to buyers with your name. It is called drop shipping transaction and you do not need money at all for doing this task.
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Make Money Online With Cryptocurrencies

Credit card and bank becomes the major platform for financial transaction. However, there is another thing called cryptocurrency. Well, bitcoin is the most popular thing at all.

How to get free money from this method? It is a little bit tricky because it requires knowledge about trading and internet. Basically, this cryptocurrency is similar to real money that you use to pay via credit card. You can involve in investment or trading then gain the profit. This is last way on how to make money online without paying anything.
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