10 Money Making Apps for Android 2018 (Free Money From Android Apps)

10 Money Making Apps for Android 2018 (Free Money From Android Apps) - More and more, technology is increasingly helping human life. Until now, technology has changed; not just mere human aides but mingle and combined in our lives. 

The presence of technology to be part of human life does not necessarily make us happy. It eventually serves as two edges of a knife. On the one hand, its benefits have a positive effect on life, but many human positions are now transferred to technology as well. 

Workers turn into machines, the brain becomes a processor, couriers become connections between networks. Those things ultimately also threaten our condition as human beings, especially in the economic field.

To overcome this, we must also be smart harnessing the power of technology, one of them is through the best free money making apps for android 2018. Although it's not much, if used properly, these applications can help improving your economy.

Free Money Making Apps for Android 2018
Free Money Making Apps for Android 2018
There is already plenty of evidence about how our lives are facilitated by technology. Thanks to technology, the life expectancy of mankind is also increasingly developing. Besides easy, these best free money making apps for android 2018 are legal, so you are free to use them.

The tips on how to make money on android are also divided into several main goals; some are just filling out online forms, surveys, performing various chores, or even just watching a video. 

The tasks that exist in this application is very easy. You can do it when bored or waiting for someone. However, do not expect to get rich quick after performing a single task, as the prizes offered only range from 5 cents to $5. However, if you are painstaking and do many tasks at a time, it is not impossible that you will get a good sum of money.

The List of Money Making Apps for Android 2018

Make Free Money From Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards - Applications made by Google LLC have a fairly standard task, which is to fill in polls, surveys, or review some of the places around you. Almost similar to Google local guides, but you can earn money here. The money you earn ranges from 25 cents to $3, depending on how influential your answer for the other users. 

Google opinion rewards
Google opinion rewards
Do not forget that the money earned from this app can only be spent on Google Play Store. So far, this is the safest and best money making apps for android 2018.

Make Money Instantly With Apptrailers

Apptrailers - This application provides free cash, but you have to watch video ads from various developers, mostly games. The gifts are also diverse, ranging from the original balance, gift cards, to PayPal cash. Just a few minutes watching the video, you can already earn money, though not how much.

Earn Free Money With AppBounty

AppBounty - The task required by this make money free cash app is quite unique, for example you are required to install some specific applications on your mobile phone. You can still delete it after you get the reward. The prizes are gift cards. The plus points of this app are the target users who point to the international. 

Therefore, you do not have to worry if AppBounty is not available in your country. In addition, gift cards provided can also be redeemed for various entertainment currencies, such as token games, iTunes, etc.

Make Free Paypal Money With Mini Survey

Mini survey - Basically, this app is the same as Google rewards, with little difference like you are required to be in some location, then you will be given some survey related to that location. Therefore, you are required to turn on your GPS, so mini survey can track your whereabouts. Some locations even give more prizes than the other locations; one of which is Canada.

Free Money Online Using Gigwalk App

Gigwalk - This app has quite different tasks than before. You are required to perform various chores, such as shopping, taking children to school, or taking a dog walk. You will also be asked for evidence of a photo when the chores are done. This app is suitable for you who like adventure and do simple things for others.

Make Free Money Fast With Mintcoins

Mintcoins - This one is a blend of various applications before because the required tasks are diverse, ranging from watching videos, installing applications, answering surveys, etc. The most fun thing is the minimum amount of rewards offered. In this way, you can make money fast android.

Make Money Fast With Tapporo App

Making Apps for Android 2018
Making Apps for Android 2018
Tapporo - Although the name is like that, Tapporo does not distribute free cash by tapping your phone, but by filling online surveys, watching videos, and invite friends. Yes, for every friend who uses Tapporo, you will get 60 cents. In addition, Tapporo can also be accessed through the website, so you can open it anywhere and anytime.

Free Money Online With App Karma App

App karma - Although the name is a little creepy, App karma is included in the best free cash application range in the app store and play store at this time. Instead of earn dollar android, this app shares points that will be accumulated and redeemed for gift cards or vouchers. Just like Tapporo, it uses a referral point system. However, the points obtained are quite large, which is about 30% of everyone who uses your referral code.

Make Paypal Money Instantly With CashPirate App

CashPirate - Almost similar to some previous applications that use a point system, CashPirate allows users to redeem the points for some nominal prize. In CashPirate, 1000 points equal $1; you need at least 2500 points to redeem for $2.5. The difference between this application and other free cash app is the opportunity to exchange in the form of bitcoin. When it reaches 5000 points, you can trade it for $5 worth of bitcoin.

Those are some 15 Legit Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment 2018. The challenges are various, ranging from difficult to simple one, so you do not need to drain a lot of energy to get money from android app.

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It is already explained about the applications that can be used to get free cash from your smartphone. However, do not let this amenity make you lazy to work. Let's just say these best money making apps for android 2018 are your support fund, not the main one.
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