5 Ways to Shopping Anything on EMI Without Credit Card 2018 (Updated)

5 Ways to Shopping Anything on EMI Without Credit Card 2018 (Updated) - Tons of marketplaces give opportunity to access various products. You can buy and pay directly via credit card or online payment then wait until the product is received. Usually, buyer pays money as similar to product's price.

However, emi is different from other because buyers can pay monthly. This site is like loan provider to let buyers choose what they want, but not pay at full price. So, what is about shopping on emi without credit card? Well, it is interesting matter because emi gives no credit feature for payment.

Shopping on Emi without Credit Card and How to Do It
Shopping on Emi without Credit Card and How to Do It
Credit card is the most common way to pay anything via online. You can pay mortgage, send money, or complete the loan that use credit card. Moreover, buying at online shop also requires credit card for security and credential purposes.

However, this condition might not be favorable when customer or buyer does not have it at all. How do they pay? Using online payment tool such as PayPal is much common, but you still need credit card. Shopping on emi without credit card is alternative to fulfil what you want to buy without worrying about credit card anymore.

Steps to do Shopping on Emi without Credit Card 2018

1. Register and apply

First thing on shopping on emi without credit card is registration. You need to have account on emi before applying. Visit official website then learn about benefits and how this system works. The registration process is simple and easy with less than five minutes. As usual, the registration involves basic identity and financial status. After that, you will have the feature to do transaction.

Shopping on emi without credit card
Shopping on emi without credit card
Shopping on emi without credit card is similar to apply the loan. Firstly, you have to understand requirement for obtaining such loan. It does not matter whether you buy mobile phone or other products on emi. Loan for purchasing consists of two types.

First loan is 1,000 to 9,900 where customers do not need documentation. They pay 10% upfront then the rest will be paid after 30 days. The second loan is more than 9,900 and up to 150,000. It needs documentation. The process is quite similar, but few details are necessary to secure the transaction.

2. Selecting product

After knowing how emi works, you just follow the basic procedure for purchasing product. At homepage, you will see several categories such as mobile, laptop, jewelry, kitchen, camera, TV, and watch.

Each of them has products related to specific category to help buyers finding what they want. If you intend to buy mobile on emi without credit card, go to mobile section immediately.

In this page, you can adjust and filter the product based on few properties, such as price, brand, color, and design. Mobile category includes smartphone and tablet, but not for laptop or hybrid one. It is purely category for mobile device, including iPhone and Android smartphone.

3. Choose “without credit card” payment

Interesting thing when purchasing mobile on emi without credit card is the ready loan. After selecting product, go to check out the area. As usual, fill the basic information then choose “without credit card’ option for payment.

It leads to several options, but mostly via loan mode. The last step is shipping option then you just wait at home until the product is received.
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4. Online payment

Moreover, you can buy mobile on emi with debit card. Emi is not solely for people without credit card. On other side, loan is preferable when you have debit card.

You pay directly according the amount of money to pay. Of course, debit card is limitation to amount money inside bank account. Customer should check whether the money is enough or not to pay upfront and the rest of payment.

5. Product shipping

When buying iPhone on emi without credit card, the product shipping may be different from others. iPhone needs advanced handling and packaging to keep it safe during transportation process.

Customer may put insurance and extra packaging cost to make sure the iPhone is at good condition when reaching the destination. Other mobile devices require the same handling, except customer chooses different method. The most important thing is about safety.

6.Monthly payment

When purchasing mobile product, the payment may take several times. At product display, you see how much payment per month. It gives clear insight before ready to select and purchase. You are eligible to get more loan after documentation is done then the application is approved. That is what you do when shopping on emi without credit card.

More Products on EMI without Credit Card for Students

1. Loan

Loan from emi has several purposes. Buying online product is one of them and you have many options at all. The examples of loan functions are school tuition, medical expense, mortgage, travel planning, wedding, home renovation.

In addition, Emi without credit card for students give more opportunity to pay for different purposes. Students have limitation when doing online shopping because they do not have credit card. Moreover, the loan from emi is also eligible for education expenses.

2. Third party service

Another thing to buy mobile phones on emi without credit card is the third party service. It is alternative when you want certain product and do not have time for complex procedure. Several third party applications provide emi service from mobile app or browser-based website. Few of them provides emi card as payment tool to purchase any product.

3. PayPal

If you have PayPal account, emi will accept it as payment method. This is alternative way besides emi card. PayPal requires credit card for registration, but users can use their account for any payment via online without submitting credit card number frequently. Emi developer gives PayPal users flexibility to choose what they want to pay.
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As we know, online shopping becomes a trend and it grows extensively. Buyer does not need to visit the store directly, but just choose the product via smartphone or laptop. After that, the transaction will be done then you just wait for product to send into buyer’s home.

This takes less time and gets rid of unnecessary procedure. Some buyers have enough money to pay at full price, but the rest are not. This is where emi comes into the right place as solution. Well, shopping on emi without credit card is interesting way to do.
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