7 Ways to Get Free Paypal Gift Card Codes 2018

7 Ways to Get Free Paypal Gift Card Codes 2018 - Gift card from PayPal is prepaid card where you can use it for paying certain thing depending on its type. Each gift card is only eligible for specific transaction, payment, or procedure. For example, iTunes Gift Card only works to purchase items on Apple Store. It is also similar when you have gift card from other providers. Free PayPal gift card 2018 is similar to the paid one, except you do not pay for obtaining it.
Get Free PayPal Gift Card 2018
Get Free PayPal Gift Card 2018
So, how to get free PayPal gift card 2018? This is interesting question because gift card is popular bonus, reward, or prize after completing specific task. Keep in mind that free gift card still requires work to do. At internet, you can find website that provides gift card freely, but no task to do. Be careful about this thing. Make sure not to share your personal information, particularly the PayPal account.

Free PayPal Gift Card Codes 2018

Free Paypal Gift Card Codes With Online survey

Free PayPal gift card no survey seems something that everyone wants. The most common way to obtain gift card is online survey. In past time, survey via internet became major hit for users due to free money without much work. You just complete the survey then wait until it reaches the minimum redeem. After that, money was sent to your bank account.

Today, online survey is more organized with PayPal gift card as reward. In general, it consists of two types: gift card and direct money.

Members will receive certain amount of money, then they can send it into PayPal account directly. On the other hand, second reward is gift card that's only available to redeem at particular merchant. This kind or survey is available on website or mobile app. 

You should install the survey app as providers then complete the task for fulfilling question or related items. Gift card depends on availability and its amounts are varied from $5 to more than $100. This is what you do to get free PayPal gift card 2018.

Free Paypal Gift Card Become a Reviewer

Besides survey, there is another way for obtaining free PayPal gift card 2018. You can receive reward after writing comment, opinion, article, etc. Company relies on public opinion to build reputation. You have assignment to give comment and opinion about certain product. 

free PayPal gift card 2018
free PayPal gift card 2018
To attract more customers for giving their thought, company provides PayPal gift card as reward. Good thing about this matter is you can use the card for buying another product from that company. This is good way for marketing and promotion to let people buy more, and then give their comments.

Article and review are a little bit different because they require in-depth knowledge. You can provide article and contribute to develop better service. This thing is common for service related to television or media.

You are viewer, but contribute to write article. Reward is gift card from PayPal that can be redeemed at particular merchant, usually, company has agreement to let users or viewers redeem merchant based on specific rule.

Free PayPal gift Card Codes no Surveys if the Card is Prize or Bonus

You can get free PayPal gift card codes no surveys if the card is prize or bonus. Marketplace or online store uses this method to attract more buyers and customers. It is part of discount that buyer receives after shopping. Instead of cashback, gift card has few advantages.

PayPal gift card codes no surveys
PayPal gift card codes no surveys
Firstly, it has the expired time and customer has to purchase something using this card. Secondly, no cash sends into bank account. Lastly, this reward looks more benefits for customers, but seller can take advantage from it. Gift card is only eligible for purchasing or transaction on its own website or store.

More about Free PayPal Gift Card Code Generator 2018

Gift card has several things to understand related to utilization, amount of money, and procedure. Some people think that free PayPal gift card code generator will give everything free at all. That is not completely true, but you can try it. Generator has capability to provide codes for specific gift card. It still has limitation regarding time and how much you get when using generator.
free PayPal gift card code generator
free PayPal gift card code generator
Free PayPal gift card codes 2018 will expire when you buy something next year. As you know, gift card seems to have expiration date for up to six month, though one year is rare. PayPal creates this card as gift. It means it only works at definite period.

Card nominal

Important thing about gift card is its nominal. PayPal provides different nominal for each card. The smallest one is $5 and there is card for more than $150. The amount of money depends on type and merchant itself. Having $5 and $10 is enough to get the game voucher or any digital product. Other cards have more value because the products are more expensive.


Merchant cannot be ignored when buying gift card. PayPal provides almost everything to turn into gift card. For your information, PayPal recommends to choose e-gift card because it is simple, easy, and customizable. You can send this card to anyone and add message. 
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The card will reach recipient email book and have one-year limitation to redeem. You choose what kind of gift card to send into particular person. There are cards for movies, restaurant, books, game, and clothing. Each merchant has different brands such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Cineplex, Best Buy, etc.

 free PayPal gift card 2018
 free PayPal gift card 2018
One thing to know about gift card is you cannot increase its value. It is not credit card or PayPal account where you can add more money to purchase expensive products. Gift cards only work based on their own value and you need more gift card when the product has price over the base value. However, gift card acts as present from person and not for digital wallet.

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When having free PayPal gift card 2018, make sure to check the time limit then use it immediately. Check its merchant and product price before you purchase or redeem. Gift card cannot be transferred into PayPal account to increase the balance.

If you want to purchase product, it is better to pay with PayPal itself. Gift card is only for giving present to person at special occasion, such as birthday, promotion, and anniversary. Therefore, that's the way gift card works on PayPal.
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