10 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2018 (Latest Update)

10 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2018 (Latest Update) - When it comes to free access to several website address or sites that have been blocked in your country, most people use VPN and proxies to deal with it. People like us, that use internet that much to gather any information, or just doing surf to see what is interesting going on in the world that we might do not know, usually get caught in some sites that might be helpful but banned or blocked in the country we’re living.

This article will discuss much for those who has the same experience with banned sites and how many best free unlimited VPN for android 2018 that is safe for you to use.
10 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2018

What is Free Unlimited VPN and How It Works

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As it sounds, VPN is popular among the internet users to break into sites which are banned or block in some countries, which called geo-restriction in internet usage policy. 
It will be re-routed your activities as you are located in different countries which did not have some restricted policy about internet usage. It can help you to bypass the restriction. As most of world population use android nowadays, we will also be discussed about free unlimited VPN service for android.

10 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2018

Although all VPN application will work with the same mechanism, there are 10 best free unlimited VPN for android 2018 that will help you to surf the sites that not available or banned in your origin country. Enjoy surfing, people!
HolaFree VPN Proxy
The first best free working VPN for android that you can use to enjoy your favorite content is Hola Free VPN Proxy. It will help you to discover more sites and applications that are restricted in your country and you will able to access it free. It also will keep your identity anonymously, so people will not able to trace what are you surfing to.

2.      HidemanVPN

Hideman is the best solution you can have if you need privacy and protection to connect to internet world. This software will hide all your identities such as IP address and location. The interesting things about this software beside it is free to access is you do not have any limitation for usage. That is why it is, somehow, nominated as best free unlimited VPN app for android.

3.      BetternetVPN

This application is awesome! Unlimited service that Betternet offers is totally unlimited! I mean you can really enjoy surfing the sites without any worries about traffic and bandwidth limit as other application. 
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Betternet will also protect your identity and keep you anonymous. The simple steps to use it is also become the appeal of this application. You do not need to register, log in or connect your Betternet with your private identity. You just need to open the application and “tap”. You’re in! There is no easier way than this, I believe.

4.      VPNMaster

Some VPN software might still have limitation of countries they can use. With VPN Master, best free unlimited VPN app for android, you will get full access to connect to every country in the world. It is endless! There is no limitation about the bandwidth also. The thing that make it the best is how fast VPN Master can get you free access. It is awesome!

5.      DroidVPN 

Droid VPN is the software you can use to hide your IP address, identity or even location. This software will help you to become a ghost in internet world. You do not need to worry about the banned sites and software, because Droid VPN will help you as if you are in other countries that has no restriction.

6.      HotspotShield Free VPN

HotspotShield Free VPN
You will not be experiencing difficulties in accessing world’s content if you use this best free unlimited VPN for android 2018. It has the most trusted security protection to your identity and it also the platform that is supreme in the speed performance. It is hard to beat. You just need to TAP and you will be somewhere else in second. Magic, isn’t it?

7.      TunnelBearVPN

One of best free VPN for android 2018 is TunnelBear.  People usually use TunnelBear if they are working with public Wi-Fi. TunnelBear is known as the best VPN to protect your identification and keep it anonymously in public Wi-Fi such as restaurant, airport, co-working space, etc. You can use it to surf into web browser without any foot prints. TunnelBear become popular because you can use it for multiple login in websites. 

TunnelBear is popular since the first time it is coming to surfers at 2011 in Canada. TunnelBear users will be offered free access to any kind of documents, video, photos, music, games, or any software you might like to spend your spare time with. It can also reach any kind of gadget users are you. No matter if you use Android, Mac or iOS. TunnelBear give you opportunity to try its free services. 
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You can also get 500MB data if you tweet something about TunnelBear to give this VPN application some credits. The third one that become the interesting side about TunnelBear is if you are the subscriber of its service, you can use data bandwidth up to 500MB per month. This is awesome!

All those words above are the special offer from TunnelBear, but it also has some cons. You can consider it whether you can deal with the cons or not. The first one is the limited number of servers that TunnelBear can accommodate. If you are lucky enough, you will get all those offers for free. The last one about the cons is your account data as subscriber will be maintained by TunnelBear. As far as I know, TunnelBear will not use your data to give you disadvantages or spread your data.

8.      SnapVPN

You might ever meet software that free but it is not entirely “free”. Snap VPN, best free unlimited VPN for android 2018, will give you the real free as it sounds. The bonus, you also can use unlimited offers to surf along the internet world. It also very easy to use. You do not need to register or connect to any of your accounts. You are ghost!

9.      TurboVPN

Turbo VPN will help to you bypass all restrictions to connect to your favorite sites. The bad side about Turbo VPN compared to others is the country available. This application cannot be used in China.

10.  PhisponVPN

Phispon VPN works as some other VPN software do. It helps you to hide your profile and let you access censored or blocked sites, so you can access it freely without any limits and restriction. This software has been used and trusted by million people in more than 200 countries in the world
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