10 Best Business Management Software for Your Small Business 2018

10 Best Business Management Software for Your Small Business 2018 - Do you find any difficulties in managing your business? Don’t worry. In this digital era, there is a lot of software which can help you managing the business easily. The features of each software are various in kinds. In addition, some of them require a payment while the other ones are free.

Do you prefer the free one? It might not have many features, but it still provides you with the basic ones. Here is a list of the best business management software 2018 which suits your new business.

Top 10 Best Business Management Software 2018 for Small Business

Best Business Management Software 2018 for Small Business
Best Business Management Software 2018 for Small Business

Running a new business isn’t easy. In order to make it grows bigger, it needs a good management. To make it much easier, you can use business software. For a small or new company, having the free business management software which can be upgraded into a premium one is really important. The following list presents business management software which is free, yet worth it. All of them work on different focuses.

1. Wrike

The first recommended software is Wrike. It is the good software to help you manage a project. It has a free version and a paid version. The paid version allows the users to have more advanced features. This software supports you to monitor your group activities based on real-time, manage tasks, and share files. 
It is really useful for a collaborated project. However, for some people it has complex features which are difficult to be understood by those who just try it for the first time.

2. Tableau

The second best business management software 2018 goes to Tableau. Sometimes, you need to visualize data which should be presented. This software can do it for you. Tableau can turn your data into a clearer form. 
Some people are pro with this software since it has incredible features to make data into a visualization which is easier to be interpreted and understood. Then, the features are easy to be used. In addition, it has a great pricing and free trial version. It almost has no lacks.
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3. Avast Endpoint Protection

In managing your business, a protection needs to be taken into considerations. An antivirus is essentially needed to protect your business file and workstation. Some users are pro with this software because it is easy to be used and can detect many kinds of virus. 
AvastEndpoint Protection
Avast Endpoint Protection
However, some are cons with it because the paid version is a bit expensive and sometimes it cannot identify the newest threat.

4. Zoho Docs

The next best business management software 2018 comes from Zoho. This software is called Zoho Docs. It is software focusing on document management. Yes, you also need to manage document in running your business, right? It offers numerous advantages. 
Zoho Docs
Zoho Docs
First, it has online file storage which can be synced into your devices. Second, it can be used for sharing a secured file. Third, it can organize your files in multi-level folders. In addition, it also allows the users to have task management, word document, integrations, online collaboration, and spreadsheet presentation.

In relation to the cons, this Zoho Docs might be disappointing for those who want the free version since it only allows the users to try it out 15 days. After 15 days, you need to have the paid version to use all features. It comes with a standard package and premium package which can be paid annually or monthly.

5. Zoho Recruit

Another choice of software from Zoho is Zoho Recruit. It is software which allows the users to track applicants automatically by using the system provided. It comes with some features such as automated job board posting, interview schedule, resumes storage, resumes parsing, and customized company pages for the career. 
Zoho Recruit
Zoho Recruit
It offers a free trial which allows you to try out all of the features. In relation to the cons, some say that the functionality and integration are not really good. Besides, it cannot be used to save information unless you are connected to the internet.

6. Zoho Support

Next, there is Zoho Support. It is dynamic and integrated software which focuses on helpdesk field. It offers numerous features, such as ticket management, social media, workflow rules, graphic dashboard, forums, CRM integration, happiness ratings, notification rules, forums, self-service portal, and many more.
Zoho Support
Zoho Support
This software comes with a free trial for 15 days which are quite short. However, you need to buy the packages to continue using the product. There are two packages which are professional and enterprise. Each package has two different pricing based on how you pay the bill. If it is paid annually, it will be a cheaper.
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7. X-Cart

The next best business management software 2018 goes to X-Cart. It is a tool to design your own online shopping cart. Of course, this software is really useful if you need to minimize your expending on developing a shopping cart.

It has a classic edition and X-Cart version 5. It also has a free edition which is included in X-Cart version 5. However, this software is quite hard to be used by those who don’t have any developer skills.

8. MailChimp

Having email marketing is one of the important things in managing a business. Well, the software which is known for this feature is MailChimp. It is famous because it has a great and powerful template editor. It also reports anything that is essential such as geo-tracking, google analytics integration, and clients. 
Then, this free package is really satisfying as it allows you to send 1,200 emails to your 2,000 subscribers. However, it has a high price if you plan to have more than 2,000 subscribers for your marketing.

9. SurveyGizmo

Do you need to hold a survey for the sake of your business? Doing an online survey is the easiest thing. To support this need, software called SurveyGizmo is ready to help you. SurveyGizmo is software focusing on designing a survey along with collecting and analyzing data. It is really recommended because it is really simple and is easy to be used. 

However, for some people, this software is a bit disappointing because the price is quite high. A free trial is provided yet it does not cover all features.

10. Deputy

The last software is called Deputy. It focuses on human resource management. It allows you to make schedule based on shift, make an announcement, and manage the task easily. This software is praised a lot for its features on staff scheduling and work monitoring. 
In addition, it can also be accessed from all devices including a phone. However, this software gets some little lacks such as the unavailability to copy and paste the shifts.

That is the best business management software 2018 which can be used freely. All of them are absolutely worth to try for your business management. The features might not be as advanced as what the paid ones have. However, they have the great basic features to manage your business well. 

Of course, each of software has its pros and cons. You just need to select it carefully based on the features which are needed by your business. Just download your favorite software and get your business managed right away!
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