10 Best Free Property Management Software 2018

10 Best Free Property Management Software 2018 - In today’s economy, property management is a crucial thing to do for everyone to keep tracks of his or her property. The property here includes assets—both personal and capital. With property management, it will be so much easier for you to manage the cycle of any activities including your property. 
Best Free Property Management Software 2018
Best Free Property Management Software 2018
In which, the activities can be varied in the form of control, maintenance, disposition, and many others. In line with this, certainly, property management software would easily save you the trouble from doing it all alone, manually. And below are the best free property management software 2018.

List of the Best Free Property Management Software 2018

1. AppFolio

AppFolio is the property management software that you can consider. As reviewed by one famous review website reviews.com, this software can be considered as one of the best one per 11th June 2018. It is not an odd thing since, obviously, managing and marketing can be no longer your problem if you use this AppFolio. 
However, as everything has its pros and cons, the pro of having AppFolio to help you is definitely the variety of features offered by the software. On the other hand, the contra of having this software is that an unstable internet connection is not recommended.
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2. Buildium

The second tool that is recommended in this list of the best free property management software 2018 is Buildium. This is just another notable tool that you can consider. With its variety of services focusing on residential properties, this software is expected to help you to manage either student housing or even housing community in general. 
The pros of this tool are that the software is pretty much available on various platforms (means easier access) and has a very good accounting. Whereas the contra is that the software is not recommended for a big scale property management.

3. Propertyware

Well, the other top-notch software coming up to your rescue is Propertyware. Just like most of the software, this Propertyware is also a cloud-based tool, hence internet connection is, without a doubt, needed at any time where you want to access and use this property management tool.
However, even if this is somewhat understandable, this can be also the contra of using Propertyware that you might consider later. As for the pros, the pro of having Propertyware as your tool is the user (or manager) can directly receive their payments through the portals.

4. MRISoftware

MRI Software is the powerful one of the mentioned tools. In its system, it can help you to increase the number of occupants while maintaining the low-costs. The incredible thing about this tool doesn’t end there as it also offers the user various kinds of services. 
MRI Software
MRI Software
Obviously, with those functionalities, to say that this tool is effective is quite understandable. On the bad side, however, this software is recommended for a large-scale property management company only.

5. Cozy

The fifth tool listed in the list is Cozy. Another best free property management software 2018 which adopting the cloud-based system. Thus, in other words, the contra of using Cozy to manage your property is that an unstable internet connection is definitely not recommended. 
However, on the bright side, once you over that one problem with internet connection, then you can enjoy this specific feature where rent payments can be collected on time via online. Better yet, this Cozy tool also provides you with the best privacy and security over your data of personal and properties.

6. TenantCloud

What is the most useful thing than having your property management tool to be available in PC? Of course, it is for a tool to be also available in mobile. Yes, this TenantCloud is available on both PC and mobile. Obviously, it will ease you to access it anytime and anywhere. 
The better thing is that this TenantCloud also provides the user with any information regarding the tenants’ background. As for the contra, the contra of having TenantCloud as your tool in managing property is that the maximum number of properties that you can manage in one account is only up to 75. Thus, this tool is not recommended for those having more than 75 properties.
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7. RentecDirect

If TenantCloud can handle more than 10 properties at the same time, this tool of Rentec Direct can only manage the maximum number of 10 properties for one account. This means that the tool is usually used by those smaller landlords to manage the smaller scale of properties.
Rentec Direct
Rentec Direct
In line with this, the simple navigation and features offered by Rentec Direct can be also recognized as basic features only. However, as this can be also considered as its limit, most people didn’t really complain a lot regarding of this tool. But still, it goes without saying, that this particular tool needs additional features to ease the user.


OPRM stands for Online Rental Property Manager. This kind of the best free property management software 2018 is developed by AppGini in order to ease people in managing their properties. As this tool is an open-source tool, basically, this tool is free for everyone and can be accessed through either pc, mobile or tablet. 
Online Rental Property Manager
Online Rental Property Manager
This variety of platforms definitely becomes one of the pros in having OPRM as your property management software. However, on the bad side, the contra of having OPRM to help you is the fact that this tool is still lacking in the department of ‘purchasing’.

9. TrueRent

Close to the last tool, there is TrueRent that you can consider using as your property management tool. While there might be more than one interesting things about this tool, one of them is definitely the effectiveness of this tool in helping you to deal with those properties management things. 
As most claims that this tool helps you to analyze the performance of your property and projects the future also. On the other side, or the contra of this tool is that the tool is only free only up to 50 unit of properties. An additional unit will cost you another buck per months.

10. RentTracker

RentTracker is other software specifically built for managers for the purpose of managing their properties; or to be more precise, for any rental purposes. As the company has been developing the tool from decades ago, it is just recently that their tool is also available for iPad and iPhone users. 
One of the pros of using RentTracker is that the easy navigation of this tool gives you the best experience in using a property management tool. As for the contra, the contra mainly involves around the limitation of the service that you can enjoy until you pay a sum of money to upgrade your membership.

Which is the Best Property Management Software 2018

  • Rent Manager
  • Buildium
  • ResMan
  • AppFolio
  • Building Engines
  • Yardi Voyager
  • RealPage
  • OnSite Property Manager
  • Propertyware
  • Entrata
  • TenantCloud
  • MRI Residential Management
  • SiteLink Web Edition
  • BuildingLink.com
  • Angus AnyWhere
  • Greenhouse PM
  • TOPS Professional
  • LiveTour
  • ActiveBuilding
  • Cozy
That is the list of the best free property management software 2018. Now, after you read this article through, you can carefully consider which software or tool that definitely suits you the most. This being said, if you are managing only small to medium scale amount of property, then it is recommended to only use the basic tools.

However, if you are managing dozens of property, then it might be the best if you directly use that one tool which supports a large scale management property.
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