25 Best Free Music Download Sites 2018 (Legal Music Download Sites List)

Best Free Music Download Sites 2018 (Legal Music Download Sites List) - Listening to music is definitely one of the most enjoyable things to do. With its various genre, music can deliver any of the human’s emotion and drag the listener to feel it all together. However, to listen to music is not an easy thing to do, specifically for someone who has no any penny to spend. 
Best Free Music Download Sites 2018
Best Free Music Download Sites 2018
Of course, there is always a way to illegally enjoy them—but wouldn’t you feel guilty by listening to it free without appreciating the artist? Thus, this article is expected to give you a way to enjoy music freely. Below are the best free music download sites 2018.

The Best Free Music Download Sites 2018 List (Legal Music Download Sites)

The list below contains the best download sites you can enjoy in 2018. Well, most of the sites are legal and you are free to download the content provided by them. Mind you that the sites are listed in no particular order and all of them can be considered as the best.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is basically like the YouTube of audio. There are numerous amounts of songs that you can enjoy—well, there is a limit to it but still, some of the songs can be enjoyed freely. Thus, that is one of the pros of using SoundCloud. 

Better yet, there is this special section for tracks which you can edit them as you want. This is great since editing any kind of art form usually is hard since it is forbidden by the copyright laws. However, since nothing is perfect, one of the cons is you may not find your favorite artist’ song on this site.

2. Amazon

download free music from Amazon
download free music from Amazon
No, what you read it is correct, that you can download free music from Amazon. Simply check them out like how you usually do your shopping in the site, then the song is yours to enjoy. As one of the best free music download sites 2018, Amazon can help you with downloading songs legally while it is totally free. 

This, without a doubt, becomes one of the pros when you are using Amazon to download songs. On the bad side, though, you may only found unknown artists in the Amazon’s song list instead of your favorite.

3. Last.fm

The third site originally worked like that of a radio station. If you are familiar with iHeartRadio then you must be familiar with how this site works. One of the benefits of having this as your music download site is that you can download music legally while it cost you no money. 
For the contra, just like the previous sites, the list of songs that you can freely download is limited to a certain point. There is a possibility that you can’t download youR favorite’s songs through this site.

4. ReverbNation

Now, this ReverbNation is slightly different from the previous three download sites. The difference lies within the purpose of the site itself. ReverbNation here serves a purpose as a way for the artist to build and solidify their fan base through promoting via ReverbNation.

Thus, most of the artists in this site are those who just establish their career. The pro of using this site is you can discover new artist making their name on this site. On the other side, you can’t download those of artists who already make their name in the industry.
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5. NoiseTrade

Rather than being similar to the first, second or the third site, this NoiseTrade works rather similarly with ReverbNation. The main purpose of this site—as the best free music download sites 2018—is to give new artists the opportunity to promote themselves better. 

Fortunately, the site is often for giving you the samples of the artist before it is premiere at elsewhere. Meanwhile one of the cons using this site is you won’t found any of artists with big name promoting and having their songs to be downloaded freely.

6. Jamendo

jamendo music
jamendo music
Jamendo is said to be one of the biggest repositories for music on the internet. By that title alone, you might be letting your hopes to be up and high that this site will also provide you with the songs of your favorite. Sadly, it is not, because Jamendo is used for freshly debuted artists who are still struggling to make their name in the music industry.

For the pros, it is being one of the sites with a clean, neat and simple interface. Meanwhile, as one of the cons, Jamendo only has new independent artists in their library.

7. LiveMusic Archive

If you ever want an audio taken live from your artist’s concert then you might be interested in using this site. Yes, just like what being conveyed in its name, Live Music Archive provide you with a lossless and HQ version of the artist’s live concerts. 
live music archive
live music archive
Moreover, there are plenty genres and the filter feature that you can use while looking for the audio you want. For the cons, this site has the quality of performance that can’t be ensured as well as the slightly difficult navigation.

8. Musopen

On number eight, stand Musopen as one of the best free music download sites 2018. While most of the download sites in this list provide only songs of indie bands, this site serves specifically to preserve the accessibility of classical genre of music. 
That being said, this site is far easier to use rather than you browse those classical songs manually. This is one of the pros of using Musopen to download the songs. The best part is the fact that Musopen also provides music sheets for you who want to learn. Unfortunately, it has its own cons. One of them is being only limited to classical music.
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9. PureVolume

PureVolume is a site which exists to help aspiring artist to promote themselves. Yes, basically PureVolume has a similar function to the majority of the sites listed before. The pro of using this site is slightly different than others.

One of them is that the listeners can contact their favorite artist to talk directly about their songs. However, one of the cons of using this site is that it still sets a limit to which songs are free and not.

10. DatPiff

If Musopen is specifically made for classical music, then DatPiff specifically exists for rap lovers. Now with the existence of this specific site, rap lovers can enjoy and download various songs of their genre easier than before. 
It is because as the site is specifically for a genre of music, the directory of the said music is also more variable than that of other sites which also includes other genres. The downside, however, the features offered by the site are not available for songs of other genres.

Top 10 Free Music Download Websites 2018

  1. Free Music Archive
  2. Jamendo
  3. Free MP3 Finder
  4. MP3Juices
  5. Last.fm
  6. SoundClick
  7. NoiseTrade
  8. Musopen
  9. Audiomack
  10. Beemp3

Best Free Music Download Sites for Android 2018

  1. Mp3 Fusion
  2. PureVolume
  3. PagalWorld

Best Free Music Download Sites for iPhone 2018

  1. Free MP3 Downloads
  2. H2mp3
  3. Emp3
After you go through all these choices of the best free music download sites 2018, you can conclude that most of them only offered songs of those new aspiring artists, not those who already have gain fame in the industry. Well, this is a good thing since you can show some support by downloading their songs.

Who knows that you are interested in following more of their songs once you listen to one of them? Also, you might found some new talents instead of going with the trend like how the majority of people.
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