25 Best Free Project Management Software 2018

25 Best Free Project Management Software 2018Managing a project for any purposes is a lot easier by using the supportive software. There are numerous software to help the users in finishing their project. Users usually consider two essential things while choosing the right software. First, they want the best software. 

Second, they want it to be free. Yes, the words best and free are a good combination to invite someone to use a product. Therefore, a list of the best free project management software 2018 will be presented in this article.

Most Popular Free Project Management Software 2018

 Best Free Project Management Software 2018
 Best Free Project Management Software 2018
In order to manage a project well, you need various kinds of software which support different features. These days, the numbers of software which can be used for project management are countless.

Each of them has its cons and pros. The following list provides you with a list of programs and websites which is free and is considered to be the best software among the others. Check this out!

1. Asana

To start with, there is Asana in the first place. Asana is a tool for managing project and task. Its main features lay on the team collaboration and communication. It is hyped by many people because it is really responsive and fast. 
It supports fifteen members in maximum for the free version. Then, it gets a lot of features such as multiple workspaces, track tasks and followers, Email Bridge, task list and focus mode, task dependencies, and many more. In addition, the software can be used in a browser and a mobile application. Related to the cons, it almost gets no lacks.

2. Airtable

In the second place of best free project management software 2018, there is Airtable. Data organization is the main focus of this software. It is similar to Microsoft Excel as it has a spreadsheet for the data organization. Airtable is praised for its flexibility and simplicity. 
It provides numerous templates yet it also allows the users to create their own templates. Besides, it is great for both individual projects and group projects. However, Airtable gets some lacks. Even though it has a spreadsheet, it doesn’t allow the users to have a full control of each cell. Also, the formulas are not as complete as the ones in Excel.

3. ClickUp

Next, there is ClickUp. It is a free tool focusing on project management and collaboration. It suits any projects of different sizes. It has more than 50 features which can help you in managing a group project. For the free version, it provides a 100 MB storage. 
Besides, it allows you to manage projects in an unlimited number from a browser and mobile application. It has a customizable workflow, comment on assignment, and time tracking features.

However, the software also meets some lacks as it is considered to be a bit complex by its users. To add up, the way how we communicate using the feature provided is really limited.
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4. Todoist

Listing what you need to do in a project is important. That’s why you need Todoist in this best free project management software 2018. Todoist is an application focused on list-to-do features. This application varies from free to premium package. 
It is cloud-based software which means that your data will be synced automatically to your device. One of the features adored by its users is the ability to filter the tasks based on due dates, priority, and assignee.

Then, it has some ways to notify you about your lists such as through email and SMS notification. However, some important features are limited to the premium version, for example, location-based reminders.

5. Paymo

Paymo is a cloud-based tool which can be used to manage your projects from the beginning until they are complete. It allows the users to divide the job into some tasks and give the tasks to the people required. Many people are pro with this software as it has a visualization of the projects’ progress. 
Then, it also offers a work reports which can be shared with anyone. In relation to the lacks, it seems that it gets nothing, except for the free version which is somehow limited in features. Overall, this software is worth to try.

6. TeamWeek

Then, there is TeamWeek. It is a tool which covers features for project management, scheduling, and planning a team. It has a 30 days free trial and a paid version. This web-based software almost gets no lacks as many users give it much positive response.

7. Avaza

Avaza is the next one. Avaza is software which can be used for collaboration and project management. It provides a lot of features including timesheet, expense management, invoicing, quoting, and many more. This software suits numerous jobs such as freelancer, consultants, or even an organization.
This software works well, but it happens to get a contra from some users. The free version of this software gets limited features. For example, it only allows ten customers at maximum.

Then, it only provides 10 MB of storage and five active projects. In order to get higher storage and active projects, you have to move to the paid version which comes with a startup, basic, and business level.

8. Trello

Next, let’s move to Trello. Trello is a tool which focuses on management features. Some are pros with this software because it’s free and is easy to add more members to the board. To add up, users can set the board in the public. 
However, some users also find lacks on Trello. First, there is no calendar and a bar chart. Second, email integration and labels are limited in number. In addition, there are limited tasks or cards which are only for one project.

9. FreedCamp

Another cloud-based tool for project management in this best free project management software 2018 list is FreedCamp. It is a tool which allows the users to manage a project individually or in groups. It offers some features which make many people are pros with this software. It has a calendar feature which simplifies how your project looks like and it can be synced with Google Calendar.
Other beneficial features in FreedCamp includes CRM, team wikis, data backup, project template, time tracking, message board, and many more. However, FreedCamp also meets some lacks. For example, it doesn’t have ‘in progress’ mark for the task. There are only open or closed marks. In addition, if you prefer to have a desktop notification, you probably will be disappointed since it doesn’t have any.

10. MesiterTask

The last one is MesiterTask. It also focuses on management and collaboration features. Some people are pros with this software as it is a ‘freemium’ tool. It means that this tool has a free and paid version. It is also simple in form and is easy to be used. However, it can’t arrange tasks based on date. But overall, this tool is still worth it.

Which is The Best Free Project Management Software 2018

  • Airtable
  • Wrike
  • Waffle
  • Redmine
  • Teamwork Projects
  • Redbooth
  • Asana
  • TeamGantt
  • Paymo
  • ClickUp
  • Avaza
  • Zenkit
  • MeisterTask
  • Targetprocess
  • Podio
  • RationalPlan
  • ProjectLibre
  • onepoint Projects
  • Freedcamp
  • Daylite
  • ZenHub

Those are ten products of the best free project management software 2018 which can be used freely. All of them are completely worth to try to finish your projects. They have various features to manage your projects well. It can’t be denied that each of them has pros and cons.

You have to select it based on what features in which your projects need. In final, just use your favorite software right away and get your projects finished successfully.
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