30 Best Music Player for Android 2018 (Performance Comparison)

30 Best Music Player for Android 2018 (Performance Comparison) - Do you like listening to music from your Android phone? What is the best music player for Android 2018? Well, Android phone has a default application to play music and audio.

However, some people tend to download another application to play music because they think that its features are limited and incomplete. In Google Play store, there are numerous applications which can be used to listen to music. Some of them are free while the others aren’t.
 Best Music Player for Android 2018
 Best Music Player for Android 2018

Top 10 Best Free Music Player for Android 2018

Listening to music through Android smartphone has become a habit for many people. Therefore, a good music player which provides many supporting features is needed. Luckily, there are a lot of applications which is developed to support the music lovers’ need. To help you decide which app to be used, a list of the best music player for Android 2018 is presented below.

1. Musicolet

The first application in this list is called Musicolet. It is a light yet powerful application for playing music on your Android. It comes with a lot of advanced features. For example, it can make 20 queues in maximum which is rarely found in other music players.

Then, there is no internet connection needed to use this application. There is also no advertisement popped out while we use it. Sleep timer, lock screen, and earphone controls are the next pros of this music player. There is almost no lacks from this simple app. It is said to be the best music player by users.
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2. LeopardV7 Music Player

The second music player is called Best Music Player for Android 2018. Many applications have this simple name. For this application, it is developed by Leopard V7. It is a free audio and music player application which comes with equalizer, quick search, and themes. This app offers a lot of features, yet it also has some lacks.

LeopardV7 Music Player
LeopardV7 Music Player
In relation to its worth features, Leopard V7 Music Player can support all music file formats. Then it can do a quick search of related music videos by using the artist or track. Shaking your Android phone can move the music track to the next one.

You can also edit the information related to artist, album, and genre. In addition, it also supports lyrics to appear while you play a track. In relation to its cons, this music player has some advertisements popped up for several times.

3. Pi Music Player

The third music player in best music player for Android 2018 is Pi Music Player. This application has a good effect of animation while you swipe the tab. Then, you can use this application to edit the music in order to make it as a ringtone. 

In addition, it has a sleep timer feature which can turn off the music after a specific time is settled. This application is quite light and very responsive for your Android phone.
PiMusic Player
PiMusic Player
However, this music player also has some lacks. For example, Pi Music Player does not show the artist pictures before you play the music at least once. The artist information will not appear quickly. It is also said that the artist tab which presents the artist’s information is not really interesting in relation to the design.

4. Music Player Pro

MusicPlayer Pro
MusicPlayer Pro
After that, there is Music Player Pro. It is a simple application which allows you to listen to music and organize the tracks. In relation to its worth features, you can play songs based on artist, album or genre. It also comes with 15 preset modes and 10 band equalizer so that you can improve the sound of the song.

In addition, this app has a simple design and is easy to be used. It requires a small space for your phone which is about 12 MB. For those who love a simple yet worth music player, Music Player Pro seems like it doesn’t have any lacks.
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5. Pulsar Music Player

PulsarMusic Player
PulsarMusic Player
Pulsar Music Player is the fifth music player in this list. It is an offline application which comes with material design and standard features of music player. For those who are annoyed by advertisements, this application will come to your side. In addition, it also allows you to manage the design. However, this music player requires you to pay for several additional features.

6. Phonograph Music Player

PhonographMusic Player
PhonographMusic Player
Then, it is Phonograph Music Player. This is The Best Music Player for Android 2018 which has a great user interface. This application is really easy to be used and has no complicated menu. It also has standard features just like other music players such as creating and editing playlist, control on lock screen playback and homescreen widget. In relation to the lacks, it almost doesn’t have any.

7. BlackPlayerMusic Player

BlackPlayerMusic Player
BlackPlayerMusic Player
Now, it’s time for BlackPlayer Music Player. It is a minimalistic music player which offers a bunch of features. In relation to its worth, this application supports basic music file such as ogg, mp3, and wav.

It also has an equalizer which can boost the sound of the song. In addition, this music player also provides a feature of editing lyrics. However, for those who think don’t prefer simple and minimalistic application, this application is not recommended.

8. N7player Music Player

N7playerMusic Player
N7playerMusic Player
N7player Music Player is the next best music player for Android 2018. It is a music player which comes with a powerful equalizer and unique design. In relation to its worth, this application has a high-quality equalizer.

It also allows you to customize the design of the application. Unfortunately, this application is not completely free. It has the trial version and paid one which means that the features are more complete in the paid ones.

9. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is the next one. This Music Player for Android 2018 comes with the song lyrics and their translation. It supports music from several streaming sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify. It also provides you a feature to look for your favorite song through one line of the lyrics. 

Furthermore, this application allows everyone to sing along with the artist when the song is played. However, this music player happens to have some crashes at first and it may be annoying for some people.

10. MediaMonkey

Last but not least, there is MediaMonkey for the top ten Best Music Player for Android 2018. This music player requires 11 MB of your free space. It also has several features to support your hobby in listening to music. It can sync to your MediaMonkey for Windows.

It also manages one or more files to be played, deleted, used as ringtone, shared, queued, and played. In addition, it has a sleep timer feature. However, this music player also has a lack. It can mislabel the track information which has been labeled previously when there is an update of the album.

Another List Best Music Player for Android 2018

  1. Poweramp Music Player
  2. Google Play Music
  3. n7player Music Player
  4. PlayerPro Music Player
  5. Rocket Player
  6. Pi Music Player
  7. AIMP
  8. BlackPlayer Music Player
  9. jetAudio Music Player
  10. Musixmatch
  11. Minima
  12. DoubleTwist
  13. Phonograph Music Player
  14. GoneMAD Music Player
  15. Apple Music
  16. Stellio Music Player
  17. Shuttle Music Player
  18. Pulsar Music Player
  19. Neutron Music Player
  20. Dub Music Player + Equalizer
  21. Mp3 Player
  22. Musicolet Music Player

Those are the best music player for Android 2018. There is no best one since they offer their own features. All of them have their own pros and cons related to features. Of course, the ten music players mentioned previously are worth to try.

You can decide which app matches your needs and preferences. Your preference may be different from the ones of other people. Now, just prepare your headphone and download your favorite music player right away!
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