30 Best Music Streaming Services 2018 (Feature Comparison)

30 Best Music Streaming Services 2018 (Feature Comparison) - Every years, or even decade, there must be a signature of how people appreciate and enjoy music. During 90's, it was the peak period of vinyl records usage. However, the popularity of vinyl started to fall when CDs was emerged. CDs then quickly became the favorite ways of listening music back then since it was cheaper and smaller. 
Best Music Streaming Services 2018
Best Music Streaming Services 2018
The era of CDs was ended and now we are the generation of music online streaming. The on-demand music player offer quick ways to search for music like no other. With such wide range and options of on-demand online streaming music players on the market, it may be hard to choose the best music streaming services 2018.

Best Music Streaming Services 2018 You Will Love

Music streaming services are so vital these days. It allows users to enjoy music legally in any occasions. Here are some lists of the best music streaming services 2018 that are really popular nowadays.

1. iHeart Radio

As the name suggest, iHeart Radio highlights radio stream service freely for their user. The radio is streamed lively and they deliver some sections based on various topics like Comedy, Sports, Jazz, News, and soon. Once you click the panel and go to the Get Station, you let iHeart Radio understand your music preferences. The radio will deliver some recommendations that match with you favor.
 iHeart Radio
 iHeart Radio
However, iHeart did not have any family plan packages. In addition, the premium package still won’t eradicate advertisements. The playlist is slowly updated and sometimes it lacks of newest hits. 

2. Pandora Internet Radio

Pandora is an internet radio that gives music streaming experiences. After using Pandora for a while, the service will recognize you music traits and give a bunch of song recommendations. Pandora user can give feedbacks for the recommendations by simply give thumbs up or down. The feedback will be used to sort the next songs and recommendations.
Unfortunately, Pandora is only available in the US. It also lacks of newest tracks and genre stations that usually appear in other similar apps. Besides, some users experience disturbing lags whenever they use the Pandora.

3. Google Play Music

Google works their best to make Google Play Music become the number one on-demand stream service. All songs and music are delivered in such a high quality sound and it contains artist-based channel plus interesting playlists. Google Play Music works perfectly well with a clear interface. With all access subscriptions, you will be able to discover music on their library.
Google Play Music
Google Play Music
Google Play Music, unfortunately, is not yet available for iPhone or iPad. In addition, the service can’t be connected to XBOX 360 and Apple TV. Furthermore, Google do not have any add-free package that can be bought by their user.
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4. Tidal

Tidal is on-demand music streaming service that is established in 2014 by Aspiro AB, a Scandinavian based company. It has more than 48.5 million songs and 175.000 music clips. Tidal claims they paid higher royalties to artists compared to other similar apps. 
Most of reviewers agree that Tidal offers high quality audio and accurate music recommendations. However, the high amount of Tidal fees sparked controversy. Some believe the high fees are used to pay artist in more proper amount. Meanwhile, some others see the high fees as a door to the music piracy in the future.

5. Deezer

The next candidate for the best music streaming services 2018 is Deezer. The service was established in France and now they have approximately 53 million tracks. According to their record on April 2018, they have 14 million active user and 6 million of them are paid subscribers. 
Deezer offer tracks from famous record labels such as Warner Music Groups and Universal Music Group. Even though the app contains a huge song catalogs, the user interface is not really interesting. It is live-less and does not radiate a dynamic music experience. You may find the app is boring rather than other streaming services.

6. Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music launched Amazon Music Unlimited in October 2016 and since then it is the leader of music store which sell songs without DRM or Digital Right Management from big music labels. The big music labels are Universal, EMI, Sony BMG, and Warner Music. 
 Amazon Music Unlimited
 Amazon Music Unlimited
Amazon Music claims they have more than 40 million tracks available for streaming. From the displayed plan, they surely offer a cheaper price rather than their competitor and one account can be used for up to 10 different devices. However, Amazon Music Unlimited doesn’t have discovery features and video content. Therefore, it is quite had to find song recommendations from the app.

7. SiriusXM Internet Radio

SiriusXM Internet Radio lets you stream radio channels directly from your PC, smartphone, and other radio devices. The online radio strongly relies on live music experience in a very attractive way. Inside the app, there are more than 140 radio channels that you can explore with specific genres and music era. Excellent recommendations are here and each track can be paused or rewind. The app, however, still lacks of lyrics feature.

8. Slacker Radio

Freedom is the key in Slacker Radio. Here, users are allowed to create and share their music stations to their friends or even strangers. The radio in 2011 is reported to have 26 million users, 200 stations, and 13 million tracks and it makes Slacker as one of the best music streaming services 2018. Slacker also provides a unique weather updates. 
Slacker Radio
Slacker Radio
Users can also upvote or downvote songs in order to create more personalized playlist. On the other hand, they cannot rewind, record, or forward the played songs. In addition, their song is limited to English and American tracks only. It is a really downside for Slacker since many users want to discover other language songs. Users also cannot fully control the music experience through their keyboards.

9. Joox

Joox is one of the biggest music streaming service in many countries, especially Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. In a Wall Street Journal, it is predicted that Joox will get more than 87 million active users in 2020. 
The huge number of active users is increasing continually, thanks to the amazing features it has. You can find your favorite songs, artists, genres, and playlists. If you feel like finding new songs, you can go to the radio service instead. The most adorable feature they have is the built-in lyrics feature and karaoke. Meanwhile, some old songs are not available to be played. The pop up ads are also disturbing in some ways.

10. Spotify

We could refer Spotify as the king of music streaming service. Spotify survives tight competitions and becomes the most adorable streaming services. Their interface evolves progressively and the app is running stable with a lot of choices and new features. 
One of interesting plan they offer is Spotify for Students. Registered students can afford Spotify Premium with half of the regular price. The free plan is still interesting, but of course there will be some limitations. You will not be able to skip audio ads and there’s limited number of playlists you can create.

Best Sites for Free Streaming Music 2018

List Of 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android 2018

Which is Most Popular Music Streaming Services 2018

  1. Spotify
  2. Deezer
  3. Tidal
  4. Amazon Prime Music
  5. Apple Music
  6. Pandora

Which is Best Free Online Music Streaming Platforms 2018

  1. Spotify
  2. Pandora
  3. Mixclouds
  4. Slacker Radio
  5. Xbox Music
  6. Sound Cloud
  7. MySpace
  8. The Sixty One
  9. Grooveshark

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These are some recommendations for the best music streaming services 2018. Each application has its characteristics and unique features. It is up to you to use which one you love the most.
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