35 Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android 2018

35 Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android 2018 - Listening favorite song becomes usual and fun activity in life. You have many options to enjoy music, and using smartphone is the most popular one. Well, the best free music downloader apps for android 2018 provide extensive songs that available offline.

You do not have to pay and everything is legal from copyright perspective. The apps are available on Google Play Store or you can use APK mode for installation. More about them will be explored in the next section.
Best Free Music Download App for Android 2018
 best free music download app for android 2018

List of the Best Free Music Download App for Android 2018

1. Spotify

Spotify is the best free music downloader apps for android 2018 where you can find almost everything in music industry. Developer on this app is the pioneer in streaming business. Users only need to subscribe then they can access many catalogue to stream directly. It also has free option with download feature. Streaming requires internet connection, but you can use offline mode stored music in your storage. For using Spotify, just install it directly from Google Play Store then create your account via email or Facebook.

 best free music download app for android 2018

Spotify has pros and cons when you put it in list of the best free music download app for android 2018. Firstly, the catalogues are vast with old and new songs every day. Users can follow favorite artist or singer to receive their news. Moreover, offline mode is another good reason to install Spotify. Unfortunately, free plan is limited regarding catalogues and download option. But, you still enjoy this app when you have passion to listen various genres.
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The next choice from the best free music downloader apps for android 2018 is JOOX. It is streaming music app that provides broad music genre. This app is available on Google play Store which means it comes from legal developer. As streaming app, you can have free or paid mode to access all catalogues. 
 best free music download app for android 2018
 best free music download app for android 2018
You still have an access to recently play the songs up to 100 titles. It is free to access in offline mode. In simple term, this app can download the song then play and store it in internal storage. However, the songs are only accessible from JOOX app. One issue is the limited songs from free mode. Most of songs are free, but few catalogues are limited to paid users. Therefore, that's what you get from JOOX to enjoy music ultimately.

3. Google Play Music

Interesting app on this list best free music downloader apps for android 2018 is Goggle Play Music. Android smartphones have this app because it's part of system. You can access this app easily then explore the vast catalogues. Its interface is friendly, but not as interactive as other apps. Good thing about this app is that it's available as standard system on Android. 
 best free music download app for android 2018
Goggle Play Music
Some smartphones do not have music app. They rely on app from Google solely which already compatible to smartphones themselves. Unfortunately, you may not have much features and limited access to recent music from various genres.

4. Soundcloud

Soundcloud has been around in music streaming and podcast for long period. It started as website to accommodate indie singers and artists, including non-copyright song and free remixing. Today, this platform expands into mobile app to reach more users.
 best free music download app for android 2018
 best free music download app for android 2018
This app has features to play streaming songs and download any contents. Many popular artists use it that gives opportunity for fans and followers to get free sample, even podcast. Other benefits are music community where users may find tons of genre and music from different countries. However, certain contents are not eligible to download or limited shareable due to restricted geographically.

5. 4shared

What do you have in mind when someone says 4shared? This is the most popular file sharing, and now it expands to cloud platform technology. As similar to other similar platforms, 4shared uses smartphone based to attract more users. In this term, the music players become more accessible and playable via streaming. If you do not have internet access, the music and contents are available to download. Its user interface will support this feature then you can save file on internal storage. 
 best free music download app for android 2018
Furthermore, music file is accessible via any music player, not limited to 4shared app. You may save the songs on cloud storage from 4shared. One thing to understand is the copyright infringement because you may retrieve contents from other users without permission from legal owner.

6. WynkMusic

One of choice in list of the best free music download app for android 2018 is Wynk. The name is quite familiar because this app has vast catalogue. Good features are download mode to keep the file offline. After that, you can listen to any music from various genres without internet access. This app offers free subscription for limited period.
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7. Supercloud

 best free music download app for android 2018

Another best free music downloader apps for android 2018 is Supercloud. Users can stream online or play offline using download feature. Most of music apps have big size that consumes much storage. However, Supercloud is less than 2 MB. The interface is simple with search area including artists info. Even though the catalogue contains many songs, you might not find what you look for due to limited genre.

8. Free MP3 Music Download

In this app, the most popular file type for audio is MP3. This format is compression mode to create low file size, but enough to deliver optimal sound quality.

Using this app, users have the capability to search any music they want. Of course, there are few things to put into consideration regarding copyright infringement. Most of new music have strict rule about this matter. However, you can still enjoy having high quality MP3 from your favorite song.

9. Radio Player

From its name, you can expect what to have from Radio Player. Basically, it is the app to listen and stream radio. Furthermore, you access many stations with different genres. This is where music becomes available through favorite station. 

To accommodate users, developer gives feature to download podcast and music. Therefore, you listen via online from this app without internet. One issue is about its quality because most of songs are radio-based content.

10. YouTube

Why YouTube is in list of the best free music download app for android 2018? Well, most people assume that YouTube is video streaming app. It is the fact that you cannot hide it. Since Google acquired YouTube, the mobile app version became a part of Android standard app. You will get this app from any Android versions in most of smartphones.
youtube music
Recent feature from YouTube is download mode for particular content. Therefore, you can listen music via offline. As the result, this app gives more variations to listen from any video as long as it is available on YouTube. 

However, download and offline mode might not available from official content. In this case, you cannot store it. Offline content is available if your smartphone has access to internet at least 30 days. If your phone is off for more than one month, the content is no longer playable.

Another 25 Free Music Downloader Apps For Android 2018

  • Wynk Music
  • Hungama Music
  • Napster
  • Pandora
  • Free Mp3 Downloads
  • SONGily
  • Anghami
  • Free Music
  • Saavn
  • RockMyRun
  • Microsoft Groove
  • Gaana
  • Slacker
  • MP3 Music Downloader
  • Download Mp3 Music
  • 4shared
  • Deezer
  • Radio Player from Audials
  • Free Music Downloader
  • Video/Music downloader
  • Music Downloader
  • Jam Music
  • Free Music Player (Download Now)
  • SuperCloud Song Downloader
  • Noise Trade
  • Audiomack
  • FrostWire

Those apps look different each other’s. Yes, Spotify and JOOX for example, have streaming and offline mode for free but limited. Moreover, Google Play Music combines music player and streaming where users can download it directly.

For MP3 content, you can choose the app that focuses on download feature. As alternative, YouTube provides many variations that available in offline mode. All of them are what you can choose from the best free music download app for android 2018.
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