7 Ways to Get Free RDP Accounts 2018 (Free RDP Trial)

7 Ways to Get Free RDP Accounts 2018 (Free RDP Trial) - In this digital era, of course, the technology becomes more sophisticated. Changes and innovations continue to appear as if there is no end to make us amazed. Of course, these innovations also have a very high functionality. If talking about today's technology, certainly it's not far away with computers. 

This processing machine is getting more and more sophisticated and strong. In addition, many features are developed by the manufacturer of internal software. One of the most recent is the Remote Desktop Protocol feature. This allows users to connect with other computers in a network, and local area network or wide area network like the internet.
How to Get Free RDP Account 2018
How to Get Free RDP Account 2018
The features like this will certainly be useful for jobs that require an integrated computer system, such as office buildings or internet cafes. To prevent free connection between computers with each other, then you need Remote Desktop Account. 

This account can be found easily on the internet, and here is how to get free RDP account 2018. For your information, the majority of this list contains the RDP account provider site, so you just register and get your account. It is as legal as purchasing online with half much the effort to afford it.

The Ways on How to Get Free RDP Account 2018

1. FreeRDP

This is the site of the provider of RDP accounts with Apache license. It also has built-in GitHub and API for easy developing applications and programming code. FreeRDP site itself is a site that often updates, so the features there will always be new and optimal. In addition, it also plans to port to Android and iOS, so it will make easier access to computer from the handheld of your choice.

2. Mikogo

As a remote desktop account provider, Mikogo has a set of features that can support the running of computer access, such as fast download access, cross-platforming, and voice & video conferencing. Judging from its features, Mikogo will be more optimally used in the office area, or as an operating system while in a meeting.

The registration is easy and simple, Mikogo is also available on Android and iOS, so you can register and use its features anywhere and anytime. This is the easiest method on how to get free RDP account 2018. However, if you want to have a more complete feature, you can upgrade your plan to Standard, Professional or Team plans for a maximum fee of only $48 per month.

3. ISL Online

ISL Online
ISL Online
With a simple user interface and eye pleasuring, ISL online also has a variety of fairly sophisticated features. If Mikogo is more suitable for office or meeting activities, ISL Online is suitable to be used as a peripheral for Support center activities. 

ISL Online has a Screen sharing feature that's able to easily connect customer service computer with the client computer. Therefore, the problem-solving process can be done quickly and accurately. In addition, they are also available on various platforms, from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, even Linux. ISL online is able to arm your support team, so they can work more optimally.
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4. No Machine

The main advantage of No Machine is its speed in accessing any computer even that's very far from you. Thanks to the NX technology, it can optimize the connection though with inadequate internet access. 
 No Machine
 No Machine
Additionally, it is one RDP account provider that already uses cloud servers, allowing you to store data between two computers to be stored in cloud-based storage. No Machine is also required peripheral protection that's quite capable, thus avoiding users of data leakage.

5. AppOnFly

This site does not all provide RDP accounts, but it only provides the wireless apps that can be used anywhere. Wireless apps are fairly complete, ranging from programming, statistical data, graphic design, and even regular office applications. The easy work on how to get free RDP account 2018 makes many people trust AppOnFly and use the services for office activities, community work, and so forth.

6. FixMe.IT by Techinline

Indeed just like ISL online, FixMe.IT by Techinline is created specifically for supporting the center activities, more precisely technical support. 
With a variety of powerful features, it is ready to support multi-session technical support, allowing one to connect with multiple clients, two-way desktop sharing to provide a quick tutorial on how to use the computer, whiteboard modes that can be used to explain which parts should be done first, and many other features. To proceed on how to get free RDP account 2018, you can directly register at its website for full-feature access for free, without any requirements.

7. Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

Devolutions is very understanding about the needs of its clients about remote desktop accounts, so it tries to provide the best service related to the background of clients who come from the world of offices and Information Technology. 
Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager
Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

The available features are remote connection management that's useful for managing the connection from the host to the whole client, and group work optimization in an effort to fully integrated network between members. Well, he most distinct feature is audit report, as well as the ability to run a series of checks based on a certain sets of qualification to ensure a healthy and uninterrupted network.
Devolutions divide its registration plan into two parts, namely free and trial. If you choose free, then you will be exempt from various charges, but as always some features will be limited. If you want, you can try a trial plan that gives the overall feature in a certain amount of time, preferably 30-days trial. Then, you will be transformed into a basic plan at a cost of up to $30 per month.

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A series of free remote desktop account providers sites that are described above have been divided into various parts according to the functionality and place of optimal use according to them. You can easily register and voila! You can already connect on various client computers that you want around the world, of course with the confirmation of client computer user. Hopefully, these tips on how to get free RDP account 2018 are able to expedite your efforts to create a compact and integrated work environment.
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