Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2018

Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2018 - Charity is an act of voluntarily giving people the help they need. The form of charity is typically in the form of financial assistance—means money. Well, this activity can be motivated by many things, mostly it involves around humanitarianism. In line with this, fundraising—for the charity itself is important for those nonprofit communities who gather the money. 
how to contact rich people for money.
how to contact rich people for money.
For you who works for a nonprofit communities, it must be rather devastating when the target of charity couldn’t meet the expectation. That being said, this article is written in purpose to help you as to how to contact rich people for money.

First and foremost, as the title might be rather misleading, this tutorial is only recommended for social purposes. It is because, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to ask people for money just for the sake of personal purposes.

Also, you have to understand that in doing this, there are some manner aspects that you should pay attention to. Below are the steps on how to get rich people to give you money.

Steps of How to Contact Rich People for Money 2018

1. Make your donor list

First thing first, make your donor list. You cannot expect yourself to have no list of the donors that you want to get because that way, it will be difficult for you later to organize them once you get the result.

So, the first step of how to contact rich people for money you need to get done is listing the name of possible donors—the people you are asking for money in the name of charity or donation.

However, you can’t also blindly add their name to the list. There are things that you need to consider in listing them. For example, you might want to put those who have a history of doing charity in the top part of list since they most likely will do it again for the present charity.

In addition to this, spend some time to research on things that they are interested in. If the purpose of your donations brings good impacts to the things they are interested in, it is possible for them to donate a sum of money to your charity.

2. Dig your information

This step can be called as the latter part of the first step. If previously you only gather general information for the listing purpose, in the second one, you need to research on the donors more than before. An easy example for this step is by drafting the reason as to why they should contribute in charity as well as the contact or connection to them.

The latter is very much important since it will be kind of awkward if you don’t have any connection to them when asking for their money. Aside from digging the information of the other side, you are required to also dig the information regarding your community. This particular step of how to contact rich people for money is a good thing to do since more information means more preparation.

As a good illustration, let’s say that your community has done this activity on some other occasions. Now, with this kind of information, it will be easier for you to know which strategies are the best for your appeal later. Clearly, it also saves you some troubles.

3. Prepare your speech

The third step is to prepare your speech for when you get to meet the donors. Obviously, this can mean everything because yes, this step includes almost everything which becomes the key to this tutorial.

Therefore, to make it simpler, let’s list the things you need to pay attention to this part of the tutorial. In which, those are presenting your community and purposes, addressing their question and any reservation accurately in a respectful manner.

In presenting yourself, for those who are already familiar with community, they wouldn’t have many difficulties in understanding your position.

However for someone who doesn’t, then you must consider which material that you can use to help presenting your community well in front of them. The key in this is that you need them to know well about your community for you to also understand them better.

As for addressing their question and reservations, make sure that you answer their question in detail and addressing the reservation in a good manner. Make notes of everything that they are reluctant with and find the best alternative way of their concern.

Empathy is one of the most important aspects in this appealing step of how to contact rich people for money. Just as you need to bring out their empathy towards your community, you need to also use yours in addressing any of reservations.

4. Mind your manner and basic ethic

The fourth step of this tutorial is the last one. It goes without saying that this step is done once you get to meet your donors.

Together with all the previous research and preparation, which you did in the previous steps, this is the determination of all your effort. No, this is not at all exaggerating because manner is everything.

All those information and preparation will go to waste once you can’t keep your manner well. What is being said, wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable to donate your money to some rude person? The point is that they wouldn’t either feel comfortable to trust their money to someone who doesn’t represent themselves well. So, all of them have to complement each other.

Those are the steps on how to contact rich people for money. Actually, this tutorial is not recommended and appropriate for charity only. As long as what you do is a social activity which brings the good cause to people, this tutorial can be your way to do the fundraising.

However, please keep in mind that not everyone might be able to contribute even if you have done these four steps well. You also need to note that everyone has their own reason for contributing or not, and you need to understand their reasons.

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